alternative to salad dressing!

Fitness Enthusiasts

You work your butt off to get in shape.  We understand it is hard to eat clean.  Are you tired of eating bland food with no flavor?  The Salad Spice Company offers a much-needed alternative to the high caloric salad dressing that help fitness enthusiasts navigate through their day to easily achieve their caloric goals without losing that much needed flavor. 

Weight loss

 For consumers who are looking to lose weight and not wanting to waste the time in the gym by ruining it with bad calories,  The Salad Spice Company has created the first “zero” calorie alternative to your traditional salad dressing.  We have an all-natural, great tasting spice dressing that will enhance any salad and give you "that" flavor you have been craving without the calories.   

LOW Calories

5-30 calories vs 60 to 100+ for liquid dressings. We wanted a product that tasted great, was natural and was low in calories.  Well our Sweet Greek just had to be different and with that great flovor, it has exactly 20 calorie for 1 tsp!  Since many people use the phrase "I need to lose weight” or “I don’t want to ruin my workout,” when they are attempting to be healthy, we decided this was the perfect time for our product.

What is it?

Food- condiment -  a healthy alternative to salad dressing.  Rinse your salad, straight to the bowl, add Salad Spice, add toppings and enjoy. No need for any additional wet ingredients.  This elevates oils, fats and unwanted calorier

. This allows you to get more flavor without all the unwanted calories.  The moisture from the rinse allows the spices to stick to your salad.  Salad Spice coats your salad with flavor.

It's that SIMPLE.

Spread the word

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New flavors are here

We have new fantastic spices!  

We've added single serve packets.  Now you can carry Salad Spice wherever you go. Great for travel, lunch box, keep in your car, anywhere you want to add some spice to your day.

Video - Simple To Use

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